I had the privilege of speaking with Yukon, the indie game developer behind upcoming game Turnip Boy Commits Tax Evasion. I’ll let the interview speak for itself, but first, a brief introduction to the game.

From Yukon’s website, “Turnip Boy Commits Tax Evasion is a top-down, pixel art, adventure game targeted towards PC. Play as an adorable turnip who just so happens to be an absolute menace to society that just got evicted from his house! Garden the tools you need to find your way through plantastic puzzles and treacherous fights! Pay back your insurmountable debt to Mayor Onion, and tear down the corrupt vegetable government!”

Screenshots from the game show the amount of work that has already been put into the game, and after working on it independently he now works with friends Jennifer Kindl and Jordan Kegler.

Turnip Boy caught red handed!

What inspired the story of the game?

“My friend Jennifer Kindl and I actually came up with a lot of the story in a Friendly’s haha. I made the character for a Ludum Dare Jam game, which is honestly a bit of a haze. That being said, everything else from the farm to tax evasion sprouted from a really silly conversation we had after a ton of coffee and me asking her what I should do with the idea. From there, we’ve been consistently world building through brainstorming sessions and introducing new characters!”

Is it a solo project or a team? If it’s a team, what does each person bring to the project?

“The game used to be a solo, personal project, but I’ve recently brought on both Jennifer Kindl and Jordan Kegler! They’ve both been wonderful to have onboard, so it’s a real treat to work with them! Jennifer does a large amount of the art. All the vector elements are her’s, and she’s been doing some pixel art for some of the newer content we’re developing! Jordan is our dedicated marketing, and has been helping plan and prep a few surprises we have coming up soon!”

When do you plan on releasing it?

“We don’t have a planned release date as of yet, we’re currently trying to get the game out there, but we are aiming for sometime in the near future! If people are interested, we’re trying to build a little community over in our Discord!

From the looks of it, the game is definitely starting to take shape. This teaser footage posted to Yukon’s Twitter shows some beautiful gameplay footage.

What is the biggest challenge you’ve encountered along the way?

“Our biggest challenge has been handling our scope. We want to add a lot to the game, and sometimes it’s hard shelving ideas because they simply don’t fit into the timeframe. We’re trying to make a radical game, but we have to make sure it launches somewhat soon as well.”

Are there any Easter eggs or fun additions?

“We have a few little easter eggs in the game right now, but we are planning for a ton more! The team very much enjoys hidden elements in games, so you can bet that the game will launch with a ton of super secret and hidden things to discover!”

What fraudulent scheme will you conjure to get away with tax evasion!?

It was a pleasure speaking to Yukon, and I look forward to seeing what the team will come up with for the final product. We will be sure to make another announcement once the game is published for the world to play!