Nathaniel Wyvern released an EP over the weekend, titled Digital Archipelago. With only three tracks, it’s a brief yet exciting release from Nathaniel. Each track packs intense energy, and the repeated use of steel-drum-esque sounds brings the ‘archipelago’ vacation vibe up.

Ion Beach is entrancing, and the raw synths bring it alive – delayed just perfectly to draw you in bar after bar.

Crystalline Causeway, my personal favorite, tells more of a complete story, and of course is packed heavily with synths.

Landing deviates from his usual style, notably with the heavier use of steel drums in the melody and a completely different kit for the beat. It is less synthwavey in the beginning and more ’80s resort commercial background music.’ After the first minute, however, Nathaniel opens the synth floodgates. The high production quality and beautifully sidechained bass lines make for an epic track to close out the EP.

Digital Archipelago album artwork

This release is another exciting milestone for the producer, whose recent collaboration with Kretzschクレツ earned them both a spot on Nightride.FM’s Spotify playlist. You can play their track below.

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